A downloadable deckbuilder for Windows

Mecha roguelike-deckbuilding tactical shoot-em-up! Upgrade your deck with impactful cards, master the unique grid-based tactics, and discover game-changing combos in Star★Vaders.

A fusion of Slay the SpireInto the Breach, and Space Invaders (?!), Star★Vaders is a thrilling turn-based strategy game in which you pilot a mecha armor to fight swarms of alien invaders in a rogue-lite campaign of grid-based tactical card battles.

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StarVaders Demo 0.5 - Windows 236 MB

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Awesome game! Clever mechanics and amazing art <3 The only downside is that now I’m cancelling my game idea that was in the same vein XD


Haha thanks so much!! 

Don't give up! Theres space for more than one of these! :p What was your idea like? 


It was a deckbuilder with mechanics inpired by Space invaders and PvZ that was called Cards invaders. Seeing yours with such similarities and a so advanced stage of development and polish it seems like muddy waters to make this as my first commercial game ^^” The main differenciating point would have been that my game would be centered around hacking instead of destroying the invaders and more story driven. But anyway I had an other idea I’m prototyping rn, and I’m pretty exited about it so no worries ^^

Hacking is cool and I love story driven games! 

If you ever need playtesters for your new project feel free to reach out to us! I'd love to check it out! 

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0.3.01 - The fastest hotfix in the west.

Just fixed the ordering interaction between Noel and the Nuclear Reactor - which I would not wish upon anyone. 

Sorry if you got that! And if you encounter any more bugs, please let us know! Thanks!

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- Fixed a scene resolution issue

- Fixed the act/day bar dissapearing


version 0.2 lets go!

Hey all! 

The localization bug for the people with French or Spanish system languages that gives "No Translation Found" re-appeared in 1.1.5  - the fix will be in 1.1.5a! 

Sorry about that!

It's fixed now in 1.1.5a! 


the game is already very polished, good game

Thanks so much! 

We're still trying to make it even better, but glad you are enjoying it already! 


Hi, I'm really loving your game, it's a joy to play.

Only got one issue to report, When quitting the game using the main menu, the game freezes and I basically have to close it using the task manager. Maybe just y computer but it happens every time to me.

Very excited to play the full version once that releases.



Also, perhaps a suggestion:

Sometime when an enemy gets to the near tiles to get doom, I instinctively try to push them off to give me another round. However it just pushes them but they still inflict 1+ doom as soon as the round ends. It would be cool if you could push enemies back to avoid getting doom this very round.

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! We'll see what we can do!

It seems like your game tries to use the system language, with no way to change it, wich is a bit of a problem when the traductions don't exist.

Thanks for letting us know! The fix will be in the next patch that will release sometime today! 


Heya! The fix should be up in the newest patch :) Let us know if it's still a problem! 

Hope you enjoy!

Will there be a Mac version?

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Yes! We'll release a Mac version once we're on Steam :) you can wishlist us to get an update when that happens

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Found this game from Retromation's video and I'm loving it so far! The game feels really polished for a prototype, and I'm surprised by how much content is available in this demo.

Looking forward to the full release!

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So this game slaps pretty hard. Super well polished at such an early stage of development. I'm very much in love with it. Check out some gameplay here!